Speculation / Community

Teamwork with Yixuan Luo, Danlu Liu

2022 Spring

Barrenland is built on top of their ID system,
which is developed from the id badge commonly used in companies, but can do much more.
The whole city is maintained in basic order through the id system.
In addition, each resident can choose an item to make into their badge.

Barrenland uses decentralized surveillance to ensure the security and privacy of its residents.
Each resident wears a camera called a PRICAM, which is not connected to the Internet and is backed up only in the resident's home. The company only asks residents to voluntarily provide relevant surveillance information in the event of an emergency.

Work and life at Barrenland are deeply integrated,
with no rigid working hours required and a high degree of freedom in where you work.

The Barrenland work scooter demostration video

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