Chen Yishi

Modular Studio Desk

Furniture / Work Space / Community

Studies show that more and more American parents feel that sending their children to college is not necessary anymore. Maximizing the resources offered by the school is an important means of attracting students to enroll.

The studio desk I designed connects the studio, students and school resources through a modular design.

It is possible in this future that students will not need to buy anything more in college except for paying tuition.

2022 Fall


As a new student about to enter CCA, a few days before the start of classes, you received an email from the school notifying you of your assigned studio seat and providing instructions for using the modular desk provided in the studio. All CCA students are free to use the resources at the school's media center for free, where they can borrow modular desk components such as Wacom tablets, monitors, desk lamps, touchpads, mice, keyboards, Dremel tools, and storage boxes of various sizes. These resources have made you excited about the prospects of working in the school's studio.


Flip Mouse / One module study

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