Super Shelter

Speculation / Epidemic / Appropriation

As the restrictive covid policies grow increasingly devastating, entire cities become city become very cautious about their lives. People carry tents with them to avoid suddenly becoming homeless. The thin walls and portability of this tent show how fragile people's livelihood are under a totalitarian regime.

I want the Bay Area audience, in perhaps one of the wealthiest places in the world, to empathize with this fear of loss of freedom. So I chose the tent as my object to create a connection between the "iconic" object of San Francisco, and the political action in China. Drawing attention to the parallel, crisis of losing everything at any moment from homelessness with covid policy. Through this object, the viewer to empathize with the powerlessness of Chinese citizens.

2022 Fall

Inspired by Barbara Kruger, Ramiro Gomez

© Chen Yishi